Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mindsight?

Mindsight is an SaaS driven analytics dashboard for software development teams looking to improve their code performance and stability with real-time code utilization data.

How Does Mindsight work?

Mindsight’s analytics tool integrates with your Github account to provide data on any development updates made to your code, all while continuously monitoring your code’s utilization rate by your users/customers. A real-time data stream of your code’s behavior is then analyzed and presented to you with an easy to read data dashboard.

What Do I Learn About My Code?

By sampling your code’s utilization while in production, we are able to show how your code behaves with at any given moment your application is up, 24/7. We also show which specific functions in your code-base are being used the most by your customers, and how certain lines of code may be affecting your application’s performance and stability. You can also see when important code paths are modified, thus minimizing the risk of outages.

Which languages are supported?

Currently we are providing support for Python and Go. With Java and Javascript coming soon….

Does Using Mindsight’s Collector Impact My Product’s Performance?

Mindsight’s collector runs very sparingly and thus does not significantly impact your application’s performance. It occupies a small amount of resources in order to run and cache data it collects.

How Can I Verify What Data Mindsight is Collecting About My Application?

All Mindsight tools that run in our customers’ environment are open source. The source code is available for analysis, and we welcome / encourage contributions and bug reports to improve the tools.