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A discussion with Mindsight CTO Eddy Reyes regarding software development performance measurements, current software analytical tools, and defining differences between working and making progress as

Preventing Software Outages Just Got Easier

No matter the size of your company and team, every software developer team member strives to prevent software outages from ever happening. Especially if a software outage is self inflicted by developers pushing new code into production. 

Mindsight solves this difficult question by integrating data from your software repository (Github, JIRA, and etc.) with real-time analytics of already running functions inside your software project.

By identifying highly utilized code paths inside your software project, Mindsight is able to identify critical information for you software team such as: Risky Code Pushes that might result in downtime for your project.

Every Line of Code is NOT Equal 

One of the biggest mysteries to any software development organizations is understanding how their code is performing in the real world. Today's organization uses a combination of self-reporting by developers, project managers tasked to determine the progress of all of the developers, or tools which merely measure the amount of commits and/or lines of code.

With Mindsight's Real-Time Analytics Dashboard, you will have access to precise measurements of every single line of code in your project, and a ranking of their importance to your project based on how much it is utilized.

Look back at previous projects and/or sprints to measure uncover important analytics regarding your project's code performance so that you can learn and maintain your projects better over a shorter amount of time.


Communicate Effectively Across Your Software Team

Now with Mindsight's Real-Time alert system, arm your software team with the tools necessary to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to preventing and resolving all system outages.

Be on top of every critical code change, program state change, and major events with your software projects with an easy to read to understand slack message.

Never be surprised by unknown downtimes again with Mindsight's Alert Notifications.


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