Understanding Your Engineers Just Got Easier

No matter the size of your company and team, understanding just exactly what your engineers are all working on, and what are they really good at is a difficult question to answer.

Mindsight solves this difficult question by bringing all of the useful analytics and stats straight from the source code to an easy to use dashboard. 

Stats like your development team's velocity,  engineer's contribution, and quality of work help any engineering organization make better, faster, and smarter personnel decisions.

Measure Your Projects Intelligently 

One of the biggest questions any software development organizations needs to answer is "Just exactly how are my projects progressing?".  Today's organization uses a combination of self-reporting by developers, project managers tasked to determine the progress of all of the developers, or tools which merely measure the amount of commits and/or lines of code.

With Mindsight's Real-Time Project Dashboard, you will only be given statistics that are measured right from inside your source code. Be equipped with measurements that tell you in real time how much progressyour development teams in their projects.

Look back at previous projects and/or sprints to measure uncover important analytics regarding your team's performance so that you can learn and get better over a shorter amount of time.


Forecast Your Work with Confidence

How do you know how much work you are going to be tackling in your next sprint or project? How did you calculate your "story points"? What's the probability for your team to accomplish finishing the project on-budget and on-time?

Answer these questions with Mindsight's AI powered Project Forecast. 


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